What is Unicodify?
The Unicode Standard is now accepted world-wide as the best way to store text in scripts other than the basic Latin alphabet as represented in ASCII text.

However, a major problem is that much of the electronic text that already exists does not use Unicode, using instead one of many incompatible 8-bit encodings. Unicodify is a partial solution to this problem for a selection of these encodings.

Unicodify is a suite of programs for converting text in a variety of 8-bit encodings to Unicode (using the UTF-16 encoding).

Unicodify was particularly designed to handle HTML-based text using non-ISCII 8-bit fonts to render South Asian scripts. However, elements of the suite can map other types of non-ASCII 8-bit encodings, such as Latin-2, ISCII and PASCII.

Unicodify was designed and written by Andrew Hardie.

Download Unicodify

The Unicodify software is available for download from this site.

You can download the entire suite from this link. It is compiled for 32-bit Windows (170 KB zipped file).

The version of the program currently available was last updated on the 5th September 2004.

The Unicodify Manual is distributed in PDF format; it is included in the download zip. The manual can also be viewed online.

If you wish to use the software on another operating system, or are interested in how it works, the source code (ANSI C) is available if you request it by email.

Please email if you have queries about the program, or if you find any bugs.

Unicodify was developed as part of the EMILLE Project.


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